Supplements vs. natural food : which is a better source of protein?

Do you get tired and losses focus on learning? Are you moody and has trouble losing weight? These are just a few of the symptoms of little protein intake. Low protein intake occurs when you fail to eat protein-rich food. Mostly, it can lead to poor health and illness. To avoid serious illness, one must have an adequate amount of protein in the body. But what are the sources of protein? Which source is more efficient, the natural source of protein or from powder?

Natural food source

Protein helps the building up of tissues in the body. The body needs it more to develop and grow properly. The primary sources of proteins are milk, meat, nuts, dairy product, eggs, yogurt, beans, tofu, spinach and much more. Fruits can also be a good source of protein like avocado, passion fruit, dried peas, etc. So what is the benefit of getting protein from these natural foods? Well, from the word itself as being “natural” it means pure and close to nature, it has no added preservatives and additives. It is perfectly healthy.




Protein powder

It is the typical product today in the market that some people opt to buy as one of their protein supplements. It is a potent source of protein from animals and plants. There are different types of protein powder: protein concentrates, protein isolates and the protein hydrolysates. The hydrolysates help improve muscle and aids increase level of sugar in the body. The isolates contain 90%-95% of protein. Lastly, the concentrates contain a lesser amount of protein.

Protein powder came from different sources used to improve muscle, body metabolism and supplement the protein need. You can check the Codici sconto myprotein for the various types of powder protein products.




* Whey protein

Contains lactose and it is very high in protein. It comes from milk. Studies show that whey protein helps maintain muscle and mass, it enhances more the muscle from intensive training, it reduces infections and improves certain heart condition. These are just a few benefits of the whey protein.

*Casein protein

It is found in milk but absorbed slowly in the body. Muscles are gradually exposed to amino acids because it formed a gel when reach and interacted with stomach acid, thus reducing the rate of muscle breakdown.

*Egg protein

It quickly digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. It helps improve appetite, muscle mass, and weight loss.

*Pea protein

It promotes muscle improvement.




*Hemp protein

It is a plant protein high in omega 3 fatty acids and easily absorbed in the body.

*Brown rice protein

It affected the body composition but treated as little protein.

* Mixed plant protein

It is a combination of any of the following sources mentioned. It easily absorbed to the body.


Now you have the idea of the sources of protein; it is now up to you which protein type that you are going to take. You can also have further reading about the protein sources.