Ways of Coping with Pregnancy Loss

The sensation of having a stillbirth or miscarriage is something your partner may not relate to. Dealing with loneliness after pregnancy loss can be difficult. This is because when pregnant, the baby shares space with you and there is no dividing line. You and the baby are one so when you lose the baby, and the intimacy is no more.  The feeling of sharing your body, thoughts and everything is gone, and you may not know how to deal with this. You may get help from therapists in St Paul, MN who have a proven track record. The following things will help you deal with this situation and recover swiftly.

Do not isolate too much


The first thing to do is to resist the urge of isolating yourself completely. The feeling to need privacy and time is normal, and it is only you who can tell the amount of time you need to be alone. Solitude may be healing, but there is a point where it can prevent your healing. Too much solitude tends to cause brooding. You may have family and friends who want to be there for you but probably want to give you some space and time. They cannot tell when you are ready so you need to let them know.

Decide who to talk to

Before starting to emerge back to the world, figure out who you want to talk to about the experience. You will not feel like talking to anybody, and that is your choice. We are not meant to suffer sorrows of life alone. Keeping wholly to yourself can be more damaging than sharing with someone of your choice.

Realize not everyone is helpful

When you have started moving about the world again, you probably will find that people feel awkward as though they do not know to say. They will not know what to say unless they have been through the same. At times even if they have been through the same what was helpful to them may not be to you.

Know the kind of support you need

After figuring out who to talk to about your loss, think about what you need from them. Probably, you want someone to hear you and hold you. It can be helpful to let the person know what would be helpful to you. Letting them know it is important to you to have them listen and to be with you is helpful. You may need answers, but no one can give them to you so let them know all these. This will take off pressure off them and make it easier to share and listen.

Get out of the house

shoppingIf you do not want to talk to anyone, it is okay. But try to avoid holing up in your house. Go out for a walk, take a break at a coffee shop or go shopping. Ensure you do something away from your home. You may feel better at times being around people even if you do not interact with them directly.