Benefits of feeding dogs apples

Yes, dogs can eat apples. And not only that, these canines love apples. Now that is a weird revelation and you may not believe. One may be wondering can dogs eat apples. Well, try it today, and you will be amazed that your dog can eat one or two apples and seem to enjoy the experience. But you would ask: what are the benefits of feeding dogs apples?

Apple benefits to dogs


Great source of vitamins and minerals

Just like the human body, your dog will need adequate vitamins and minerals to be healthy and for optimal body function. Apples are richly packed with vitamins and minerals. Some of them include vitamin A, C, K, E. B12 and B6; and minerals iodine, zinc, copper, and selenium. With a daily serve of apple slices, your dog’s body will have adequate minerals and vitamins to keep him/her healthy.

Keep your dog’s teeth clean

Oral health is important to your dog. Fortunately, that crunchy feel of an apple is good to keep your dog’s teeth clean. It cleans out all the dirt stuck in the teeth thus leaving your dog with fresh breath. This will mean your dog will not be falling ill due to teeth and gum related diseases.

An easy diet to keep your dog’s weight on the check

Dogs do gain weight just like humans. You can be surprised that your dog will be gaining weight and you do not know what to do. Supplementing its meals with a few slices of apple each day would solve that problem for you. This is a low-calorie, low-protein diet that can effectively deal with weight problems for your dog.

Good for boosting immunity

Dogs do get sick. If left unchecked, this could cripple your dog’s health. Apples are full of antioxidants, which are known to boost immunity. Adding this to the numerous nutrients contained in apples, your dog’s immunity will never be shaken. Do not allow your dog to fall sick now and then because now you know that one or two apples per day would be adequate to solidify their immunity.

Apple fiber is good for intestinal health

hjhjhjwwhjwhjwhYour dog’s gastrointestinal health is important and you should take care of it. One easy way is feeding apples to your dog. The fiber in apples is essential to keep your dog’s intestine healthy. This is a great way to deal with bowel and digestion problems that your dog may have.

Now that you know the benefits of giving apples to your dog have some stock at home for these great fruits. If you want to get more information on the healthy and safety of feeding apples to your dog, your local veterinarian will help with the details. But overall, it is healthy to feed apples to your dog.…